How to Get Fresh, Hot Food for Yourself (At work, Or Your Child (In School) Anytime - No Microwave Required

Published August 10, 2023–5mins read

Silvia Mellow

You already know how uninteresting eating cold food is.

It’s not only uninteresting, it’s also boring, bland, unfilling and many times it’s even sour.

Imagine working till 1 P.M. and wanting to eat lunch and the food looks like a sad face.

The best bet is to use a microwave oven.

But most places don’t have them.

They’re too bulky. And too expensive.

Plus the microwave ovens consume a lot of electricity.

Because of these reasons, and to save cost, many places don’t install them.

Most people who face this dilemma, especially children in school, and people who work in offices, have been condemned to eating their food like that…

Until Now.

Recently a group of Chinese engineers came together to create a solution.

After many months of work, their solution gave birth to a unique solution.

The. . .

Ultra Electric Food Box

Operating the Ultra Electric Food Box is a straightforward 4 -Step process

How It Works?


A simple 4-step process is all you require – Pack, Add Water (or Not), Close Lid, Heat, and EAT!

After your food is heated, it automatically enters into insulation mode to keep the food warm for another 6 hours!

The Ultra Electric Food Box benefits include:

🔥 【FAST HEATING】The silent heating function heats up food within 25-30 minutes. Our heated lunch box helps you enjoy a hot meal at home, office or outdoors.

🔥 【LARGE CAPACITY】1.5L large capacity, suitable for 1-2 people. It is ideal for children, busy moms, truck drivers, business travellers, and off-site workers etc.

🔥【FOOD GRADE SAFETY, EASY TO CLEAN】The Food-grade 304 stainless steel and PP material is safe to use. The food heater container is removable and can be easily cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher.

🔥【LEAK PROOF DESIGN】The four sides have built-in rubber seal snaps that provide an air-tight seal. This means you can have it in your can while driving on a bumpy road, and your food is safe and sound in our heating lunch box without spilling.

🔥【 EASY TO CARRY】Weighs less than 1 kg, with two foldable handles, that make it sturdy and lightweight, not easy to break and convenient to carry. It also comes with a portable insulated lunch bag that retains heat and keeps your food away from heavy rain and dust.

🔥【PERFECT CHOICE FOR GIFTS】Warm home-cooked meals are good for our health, physically and mentally, and an Ultra Electric Food Box is an ideal gift for anyone!!!

🔥【 CAR/ TRUCK/ HOUSEHOLD USE】Supports all power supplies, household -220V, car truck-12V/24V.


Now here’s something to note. You must…

Beware Of Fakes On Jumia and Konga

There are many fake versions sold on Jumia, but they will break easily, short circuit within days and take hours to warm even something as small as a cup of water.

If that’s what you prefer, be my guest, go buy them.

I assure you though, you will be back here.

Here’s What You Will Get:

* 1 electric lunch box

* 1 SS container & spoon & fork

* 1 PP container

*1 220V charging cable

*1 12V/24V charging cable

* 1 insulated bag

* 1 manual.

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