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Discover Timeless Elegance with a New Type of Wristwatch- The Arabic Numerals Watch Collection!

👋 Rare watch style that makes you stand out
👋 Suitable for showing off rare taste
👋 Perfect for classy men and women
👋 A sure conversation starter.

Try Risk-free With Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

It comes in Two Colors

Rose Gold


A Rare Wristwtach Built Differently

Distinctive Aesthetic: Arabic numeral dials offer a unique and distinct look that stands out from the common Roman numerals or digital displays, giving you a fresh style statement.


4.8/5 — Comfortable wear

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I bought this watch for an 87-year-old woman. It was delivered brand new and packaged well. She loves it, and it seems to work very good. Please note that I’m doing this review after only about two weeks of having it so it remains to be seen how well it lasts. Thus far, it is a great purchase

Personal Connection: The familiarity of Arabic numerals can evoke nostalgic feelings and a sense of connection to tradition, adding sentimental value to your timepiece.

The advanced design of the crystal will assure guaranteed accuracy greater than 5 seconds per month—year after year after year.


4.8/5 — Fits Perfectly

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I've tried various watches with expansion bands, and they're always too big. They slide up my arm and then pinch. Was reluctant to go with a strap and buckle, but finally decided to give it a try. This one is easy to buckle and fits my wrist perfectly. I'm really pleased.

The crystal is cushioned and solidly bonded to the crystal carrier eliminating all fine wires that may break from shock.

No Buttons To Press

There’s no button to press, no special viewing angle required, and most important, you don’t need two hands to read the time.

As a business executive, you can time long distance phone calls and interviews. Lawyers can keep track of their services, and doctors can time the vital signs of their patients.


4.8/5 — Its Classy

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This Watch is classy and looks good, its a value for money, I really liked it.

Even while the chronograph is functioning, you can still view the time—something even many of the expensive digital chronographs cannot do.

It is the ultimate watch for anybody who wants unquestionably the finest watch ever offered at any price.

You are fully protected by our 100% Quality-Guarantee.

The MF-400 is so service-free and has such high quality that it should rarely, if ever, require service. Yet, it is backed by a solid 24-month guarantee — your assurance of our commitment to this outstanding new product. Our guarantee covers all the batteries you'll ever need, free of charge, for 24 full months. To replace a battery, simply open up the battery hatch on the back of your watch, tap out the old battery and drop in the new one If your watch malfunctions during its unprece-dented five-year warranty, just call us on our toll-free line on. We have made arrangements with FEDEX to pick up your watch at your door, at our expense, and we’ll process a refund

The Perfect Gift for Anyone

It’s a Gift Item that will be Treasured

This meticulously crafted timepiece transcends trends, merging the charm of the ancient with the elegance of today.

Imagine presenting this watch to a loved one – a symbol of your appreciation for their timeless presence in your life. The bold yet refined design reflects their unique style, while the effortless readability ensures they never miss a beat in their busy schedule.

Whether it’s a special anniversary, a celebration of achievements, or a gesture of affection “just because,” the Arabic Numeral Wristwatch carries the weight of tradition and the promise of the future.

100% Satisfaction, Lifetime Guarantee


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100% Satisfaction, Lifetime Guarantee

“Why Should I Choose Matte Flair Watch?”

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