How Nigerian Educators Can Say Goodbye to Boundaries, Get A USA Teaching Job that Pays 5x-7x More, Move Abroad with their Family and Seize the American Dream … Using A Previously Unknown USA Relocation Strategy Known As the Teacher’s Exchange J-1 Visa Program!

How Nigerian Educators Can Say Goodbye to Boundaries, Get A USA Teaching Job that Pays 5x-7x More, Move Abroad with their Family and Seize the American Dream… Using A Previously Unknown USA Relocation Strategy Known As the Teacher’s Exchange J-1 Visa Program!

Dear Friend,

If you are a teacher who is tired of your current job that is riddled with a lack of appreciation by employers, lack of needed tools, students’ misbehaviour and pressure to meet unrealistic targets while still getting paid almost the same as a gateman,

I want to tell you that I have found a better way… for you.

What I am going to show you today is so brand new, almost no one in Nigeria has heard about it until now.

Yes, I have found a way for you, the little guy, the teacher, the person without connections, or a lot of money, or a lot of access, to put yourself and your family in the United States of America in the next 9 months, with better pay and a better life.

And if you want to hear about it, then remove all distractions and pay close attention.

You see, for years and years, teachers have had the worst experience among all the different professions.

➡ Teachers are lowly paid.

➡ Teachers are lowly regarded.

And. . .

➡ Teachers are underappreciated.

This has caused many teachers to do odd jobs, side gigs and sometimes outright fraudulent things, just to survive.

There is a popular saying about teachers which I hate and that saying is, “the teacher’s reward is in heaven.”

Why heaven?

Why wait until a teacher dies before they get their just reward, if at all?

Why is it only the teacher’s reward that is in heaven while other people get their reward here on earth?

This was a question I asked myself many times, and you may wonder why?

Because my Mum is a teacher.

For years, I watched her work hard and get very little.

I watched her struggle to make ends meet with pay that was barely enough.

And I hated it.

And remember, I was a student too one time.

I had teachers I loved, teachers whose care, patience and direction helped me become the person I am today.

I hate that you, the teacher, gives your time and your soul for your students to see them do well in life, while yourself, you end up with almost nothing.

For most teachers, their only hope is that their own children become successful and then bail them out.

Today that ends.

Because you deserve great things happening to you.

You deserve to be paid well for the amazing work you do as a teacher.

That’s why today I am telling you, today the teacher’s reward is now right here on earth, and I will show you how to get it, today.

Here today. . .

I will show you how to secure a teaching job in the United States of America, one that pays anywhere from $40,000 – $60,000 per year. Using today’s exchange rate of ₦1,300 to $1, that is ₦52 million to ₦76 million naira PER YEAR.

➡ I will show you how to get this job without paying any single agent even one kobo.

➡ I will show you how to find this job and relocate with your entire family and give them a brand new, far more secure life abroad.

➡ Finally, I will show you how to do all of this in 9-12 months starting today.

So again, are you ready?


Alright, let’s jump right in.

Let’s start with who I am and why you should listen to me.

My name is Etomituyo Okene.

I am a graduate of Petroleum and Gas Engineering from UNILAG, and since I left school, I have run my own business in the online space.

However, what I have enjoyed spending a lot of time doing is research work online.

A huge part of the research I have done in the last few years was to help teachers, specifically my own Mum.

You see, I have watched her work herself out for 22 years and she has done well enough but not nearly enough.

My goal was to help her find a way to keep doing what she loved most, which is teaching but for her to be compensated very well for doing it

So I set out to find it for my mother.

I came up with several ideas, and Pay attention to see if you too have considered any of these options as a teacher who wants to make more money.


Have her teach kids in private at home

This method has been saturated, and cheapened, because there are loads of NYSC members willing to do it for a lesser fee. And they do not even have the responsibilities you have.


Set up a tutorial school on the side.

This required find a proper location, find extra teachers, and find parents willing to pay extra for their wards, after the huge amounts they had already paid as school fees.

In any case, even the schools now started setting up their own after-school tutorials. It was easier and more convenient for parents to just pay a little more so their wards stay behind in the same environment they were already familiar with and safe in


Become an examiner and script marker for examination bodies like WAEC, NECO and others.

For this you need to know people in those organisations, the exams only took place ONCE in a year, and the pay wasn;t even enough and . In any case, since compute based testing became the vogue this opportunity.


Teach online for extra pay.

This was a better option. because there were opportunities online, but I soon found a stumbling block – it required extra qualifications and exams to write in order to be eligible. Do you realise what it means for a teacher who has years of experience teaching to go and start writing exams again in order to be qualified to teach?

Imagine teaching from 8 A.M to 3 P.M. getting home, and trying to start teaching online at 1 A.M to 4 A.M.

I just wanted something that would work, and it seems like everything I was seeing had something blocking it.

Then I Hit A Goldmine

One of the companies I had emailed about an opening for an online teaching position replied asking if I would be open to moving over to the USA to teach.

“Move over to the USA? Is this a joke?” I asked when I replied. Not in those exact words but you get the point.

Well they responded and said they were indeed serious and that if I was interested I should research how to apply for it and get back to them.

That’s when I started researching “how to teach in the USA”.

And here’s what I discovered and how this opportunity came to be.

The Pathway to Making $40,000 – $60,000 (or ₦1,300 to $1, that is ₦52 million to ₦76 million naira) PER YEAR as a Teacher in the USA


There is a teacher shortage crisis in the USA.

It’s so bad that according to USAToday, a leading newspaper publication in the country, 86% of schools in the USA are understaffed.

Of the remaining number 1 out of 3 of them plan to resign in the next 2 years.

The shortage is so bad that most states have reduced the school week to 4 days only, Monday to Thursday, and some have been forced to hire cleaners as teachers!

Yes it’s that bad.

The question is why?

The reason is simple.

Most teachers in the USA are quitting because they do not feel they are well paid. Imagine what they would think if they received the current salaries you get in Nigeria.

For a number of them, the current internet economy of the world provides new opportunities for people so they are leaving the profession.

A section say they feel burnt out due to the COVID pandemic and lack of respect by the new generation students.

So they are leaving and this has created a huge problem for the schools and the USA as a country but also an opportunity.

Yes for you…


It means that you can go from earning ₦800,000 to ₦1.6 million a year to earning as high as ₦52 million to ₦76 million naira, if you can take one of those vacant jobs.

That is at least 191 times more than what teachers are being paid here.

And I will show you how to get in.

It means a chance to for the first time in your life, live in a country where things work.

24-7 electricity, this means no loud grating generator noises.

Good roads, No sitting in traffic all day. Top notch security. No expensive food.

You never need to worry about those things again.

It means a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give you and your family a brand new life, a fresh start advantage.

You can go on from here to get your entire family a GREEN card. Your children will access far superior education in better schools.

And in case you are in doubt about the USA being the perfect place to relocate to, here’s what someone who has lived in the USA has to say about it.

I completely agree with her

Instead of going to the UK where they will work you to the bone, collect 50% of what you are paid as tax, and still REFUSE TO GIVE YOU and YOUR FAMILY PERMANENT STAY, this is a far better option!

So How Will All of This Happen?

It starts from here

Secret #1: The Teachers Exchange J-1 Visa Program

In order to tackle the teacher shortage problem, the US government created a new visa category called the Teacher Exchange Program.

This program is what I call the best kept US relocation secret of all time.

Why is this so?

Because it has existed since 1961 and only very few people have heard of it even today.

Known and conceived in the US Parliament as the Fulbright–Hays Act, US schools are now allowed to source for teachers directly from abroad and sponsor them to come work in their schools.

When you apply to a school, you will have to go through an interview and selection process.

Once you successfully get an offer, your school will notify the embassy in your country and you will be allowed to skip the visa interview line at the embassy and go straight to the front. Remember they want you to come quickly.

Not only that, the school in some cases will even pay your airfare to the USA and offer free accommodation and in some cases meals, until you settle in.

Isn’t that splendid?

Now here’s something important to note: The states you choose to work in, and the schools you apply to for an interview will determine your success or otherwise.

If you mess it up, you will be rejected, and that kills your hopes and dreams of moving to the USA.

It requires selecting a state with a good salary structure, a low tax rate, and then you need to understand how that state’s interview process works, because it is different for different states and schools.

This means you need to practice and understand the questions you will be asked peculiar to that state, how to answer those questions THE RIGHT WAY, because there’s a wrong way to do it, and how to go through the embassy process.

But what do you need to apply?

Secret #2: What Is Required Of You

As you already know THEY ARE DESPERATELY looking to fill these positions.

You need a University degree in education in the following disciplines:

It really doesn’t matter what subject discipline your education degree is in.

It could be in any of the following:

✤ Mathematics Education

✤ English Education

✤ Early Childhood Education

✤ Physics Education

✤ Chemistry Education

✤ Social Studies Education

✤And more.

And then you need your Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) certificate.

You also need to be currently teaching that subject and should have been doing so for two years as at when you apply.

With these three requirements in your hand, and if you’re a teacher you already very likely have them all, you have all you need to get a job offer, and positions are available in their thousands.

Now let’s talk about something else.

Secret #3: The Only Reasons Why This Will Not (And How to Overcome It)

Now understand this, in order to be able to figure out how all of this worked – the applications, the interviews, the visa processing,

I had to spend a LOT of time and overcome a lot of obstacles to get somebody out of their job as a teacher in Nigeria into one in the USA that was more fulfilling and paid 10-15 times higher

One of the obstacles I had to overcome was time.

When you have to figure out everything all by yourself, you will waste a lot of time. And I did. At first.

The information needed was in 100 different places.

I had to painstakingly find them one by one and put them together.

So I knew if I wanted this method to work for others,

I needed to organize the information in one place, and arrange the process step-by-step so it’s plug-and-play and takes far less time to use and implement.

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

If you can save time, you will not fail and you will be in the USA sooner than later.

That was my first thought.

The second thing is, you might be saying, “well, I don’t have the money, Etomi. How do I do this, how do I afford the cost?”

That’s Where The Beauty of the Teacher Exchange J-1 Visa Program Shines Bright.

You do not need a lot of money to do this.

First of all, there’s no proof of funds required.

Second, you will never have to take a loan and go into debt, because it is not needed here.

The only money you will ever spend outside the training fee is the money you will pay for your visa fees at the embassy (which you will do anyway) and for evaluating your transcript (for this I will even show you how to do it for 50% less)

I’m going to show you and teach you today how we can do this without money. And if you need money, it’ll just be for your plane tickets when you have gotten the visa.

So that is another obstacle we have overcome.

The third obstacle is you might be saying, “Etomi, I don’t know what to do. I’m not sure how to go about all of this. What documents do I need apart from what you showed me? How do I arrange it so I don’t fail?”

Well I have to train you and teach you. Well that’s the next thing I need to show you. So I’m going to show you and prove to you today this works.

These are two people who I have coached who left for the USA 

…and the amazing thing today is, any one of you here reading this right now, you can do the same.

Now of course this is the very first time that I’m ever releasing this method to the public, and it’s taken me over one year and lots of money in data costs and time to arrange it into a simple workable system anyone can use, so I’m very, very excited to see how many more people this will help.

I’m also going to teach you and show you today how to navigate the entire process so in the next 9 months or so, you’re on a plane to the USA.

Now Let Me Ask You a Question...

Is it okay, based on everything I have explained here today, for me to show you exactly how to navigate the J-1 Teacher Exchange process, so you can become successful when you apply, and by this time next year you will already likely be in the USA with your family?

If your answer is yes, you made the right decision.

So let me get into the nitty-gritty details.

12 months ago, when I began putting this whole thing together, I wasn’t sure it would work.

But it was testing time, with my Mum and others I had told about it as the test “guinea pigs”.

Thankfully it worked.

Here’s the post I made on the X app (that’s the former Twitter) the moment I started getting testimonials from people I had shown how it worked.

Success feels good, doesn’t it?

Now It’s Your Turn!

Picture this.

Imagine working in a place where salaries are not owed, your security is assured and every social amenities you need to live a stress-free life – roads, electricity, water etc – they all work.

✤ What kind of life would you be living then?

✤ Where are you going to take your family during vacations?

✤ How much easier would things be?

I’m here to tell you that by making this one switch, you can have the life that you’ve always wanted.

You can and you should.

The Teachers Exchange J-1 visa Exchange program will not only help you, but I’ll teach you and show you how you can get it so you can have this lifestyle.

Now if you think I’m going to sell you something next, you’re correct.

Honestly, I hate to let you down, so let me do that.

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you and teach you to get a placement and Job in the United states of America via the USA Teachers Exchange Accelerator.

The US Teachers Exchange J-1 Visa Accelerator program is a 7-module training system I have put together to show you how to navigate this process step-by-step, while saving yourself time, and money and then guaranteeing success.

⭕ Module 1: This is where I explain everything about the J Exchange program – what it is, how it works, how many years it is for, the clauses and terms of the program, the program road map and how to be sponsored – everything.

I’m going to teach you and show you how to make this your ticket to the good life.

⭕ Module 2: The next thing I’m going to teach you and show you is all the necessary requirements for the program, and all the documents that you will be asked to submit.

All the requirements are needed at different times depending on the State and the sponsor. You will know what to use, fill in and submit per time.

⭕ Module 3: The other thing I need to teach you and show you is the Sponsor list. To get into the J program, you will need a program sponsor, but not all sponsors work with Nigerians.

So in this module, I will show you all the sponsors that work with Nigerians, how they work, their application process and what subject areas they hire teachers for.

I will also tell you if the sponsors are flexible about the degree you have or they are strict, there are 22 sponsors listed.

⭕ Module 4: The other thing I need to teach you and show you is about the interviews. Many sponsors will request to interview you.

There’s nothing wrong with that, they just want to know you better.

We will discuss the kind of questions to expect and I also need to teach you how to analyze each question you will be asked, so you can answer them well to make sure you pass the interview.

Many people get rejected at this point and this is important because you need at least one to accept you. Once one of them does, you’re on your way.

⭕ Module 5: The next thing I need to teach you is how to find a school and get hired. Here’s why this is important.

For many applying teachers, because of the degree they have, they will have to find schools themselves, and even if you don’t have a degree problem, it is sometimes faster to find the hiring schools yourself.

This module teaches how to find schools willing to hire foreign teachers and the best states to search for them in because some states hire more foreign teachers than others.

Some don’t even want them at all.

You will learn the right way you’re supposed to do it, so you do it right the first time you try

⭕ Module 6: I also need to teach you how to scale the hiring school interview. 

Before you get hired by a school, you have to be interviewed.

This module teaches all the possible questions that might be asked, how to answer them, 

how to present yourself and how to ACE it, so you get hired as soon as possible.


⭕ Module 7: The last thing I need to talk to you about is the Embassy visa interview.

In this module, I will show you how to apply for your visa interview, all the documents you need, how to get them sorted and how to do the online application.

I will tell you what to expect on the interview date and the likely questions that you will be asked.

I will also tell you what question you will be asked if your family is going along with you or if they will apply on a later date

Now listen, this section is most IMPORTANT. It will be a pain to scale every hurdle and fall down at this step.

You need to have the right guidance here. IT doesn’t matter whether you have traveled to the USA before.

This is different. It’s a different visa class, different questions, different situation.

But it is also very straightforward if you know what you’re doing.

So the US Teachers Exchange Accelerator program, it’s worth at least ₦350,000.

That is what you will very likely spend in time, data costs and money to access all the people, the documents, and all the private memberships areas holding the information behind paywalls.

And compared to what you will earn, let’s say you get paid $4,500 per month as your salary. That’s over ₦5.5 million naira per month. And that’s just one month, your first month in the US job.

So even if you paid ₦350,000 for it, it’d be a huge ROI.

However, the US Teachers Exchange Accelerator program isn’t the only thing you’re getting with this deal.

That’s Not All…

To sweeten this offer and make it even easier for you, I am giving you access to 5 different bonuses

Bonus #1: My Teacher Exchange Hiring Schools Database.

I want to make it really easy for you to apply this information and make it work for you, 

so I have gone ahead to compile a list of schools that have enlisted for the Teachers’ Exchange Program and made them available to you in one place.

There is no need for you to go hunting for schools all over the place. 

You get it all handed to you, and you can pick and choose from the list.

But we’re not done yet.

I want to give you a special gift and this time it’s money.

So one of the critical factors of success with this application is;

Bonus #2: The Academic Credential Evaluation 50% discount

So one of the critical factors of success with this application is what we call the Academic Credential Evaluation.

The Academic Credential Evaluation is a verification done on your documents to be sure it’s authentic and this is done by an independent body.

Now these guys charge a LOT of money for this evaluation. 

In fact, the current price for this evaluation is $300. Using today’s exchange rate of ₦1,235 to $1, it should cost you ₦370,500.

A huge amount to pay no doubt

However, you do not have to pay this at all.

In fact, I have an arrangement with them and they will give you a 50% discount on this assessment. This means $150 will be chopped off, saving you a whopping ₦185,250.

Now note: this is a special deal they are not giving anyone else. I have arranged it for people who learn about this Teacher Exchange application from me, so the only way you get it is with your enrollment into the US Teachers Exchange Accelerator program today.

But Wait, there’s more!

Bonus #3: Facts About America

Something else you need is knowledge about how the USA works.

Before you choose which sponsors to approach and which States to apply to their schools, 

you need to know things about their taxes, weather, cost of living – it’s different for every state and there are 50 whole states.

You want to know what is available in each part of the USA 

so you don’t end up in a place where you will be miserable.

Having this information can also be the difference between you keeping as much money as you make in your pocket and being really happy living in the USA.

So I have made a video called “Facts About America” detailing everything you need to know – what the weather is like in different parts of the USA, what each state’s tax rules are like, cost of living in those states, electricity, water bills, etc.

Everything you will find inside this video.

If I were to sell this video today, I would say I can easily get ₦25,000 for it. But you get it absolutely FREE.

But what if you have questions? What if you get confused or hit a roadblock anytime or make a mistake that needs correcting, what do you do?

No worries, because the next bonus you will get once you enroll today is

Bonus #4: 1-Year Access to our Exclusive Teachers Exchange Program group chat on Telegram.

This telegram is where everyone who is enrolled in this training

Every week we will have:

Question and Answer sessions

Refresher Training

24-7 access to me

Now let’s recap so you’ll see exactly all you’re getting:

You’re Getting:

The full course US Teachers Exchange J-1 Visa Accelerator program with a value of ₦350,000.

Bonus #1: The Hiring Schools Database with a value of ₦50,000.

Bonus #2: You will get a 50% discount of $150 (₦185,250) on your Academic Credentials Evaluation, a critical part of the application process.

Bonus #3: I will be giving you the Facts About America video that breaks down every aspect of the USA – taxes, cost of living, politics, weather, etc, so you use it as a guide to choose an area of the country where you will earn the highest while spending the lowest.

And finally…

Bonus #4: You will get 1-Year Access to our exclusive members-only Teachers Exchange Program group chat on Telegram which gives you direct access to me 24/7.

The Entire Package is Worth a Total of ₦610,250!

Let me ask you this.

Now that you know everything you’re getting when you enroll into the US Teachers Exchange Accelerator program, would you agree with me that it is worth it?

I mean think about it. In a few months, you could be in the United States of America, the best country in the world, working in a fulfilling job, earning far higher pay than you ever imagined, and with your family right by your side too.

I want to make it become a reality for you.

So instead of asking you to pay ₦610,250 to enroll into the US Teachers Exchange J-1 Visa Accelerator program, all I am asking you to do is pay ₦60,000 only!

ONLY ₦60,000!

There’s One More Thing

Normally the Teachers Exchange Program is only valid for five years,

which means that at the end of five years, you have to re-apply again in order to be considered to continue staying.

And to be honest, some people re-apply and do not get taken.

But what if you do not have to reapply again?

What If There’s a Way to Make Your Stay in the USA PERMANENT?

This means you can stay for 5 years, 10 years, even 30 years or until you die, and your children too can do so, and your children’s children too.

Wouldn’t you like that?

I bet you would.

And the good news is, it’s very easy if you know how!

I have a way for you to convert your J-1 Teacher Exchange visa to a H-1 work visa and then to a permanent residence visa.

So what I have is I have gone ahead to prepare a special training video that explains how to do exactly that.

I Call It. . .

The Special Bonus!

It’s titled “The Path to Permanent Residency – How to convert Your J-1 Visa into a H1 Visa”.

You will learn inside this special bonus training how to get your H-1 within 6 months.

And once you get it? You will be able to even quit teaching anytime and go do something else and still get to stay in the country and come and go for as long as you want, any time you want!

But this special bonus is only available for those who order for our USA Teachers Exchange Accelerator training program within the next 30 minutes only.

It’s a reward for the quick action takers, those who can immediately see the value we’re bringing here and get on board fast.

After the next 30 minutes this special bonus training is going to go away forever, so act now to secure your spot for it.

To join, just click the link below and enroll in the training.


ONLY ₦60,000!

Again here’s the full package you’re getting the full course once you join the US Teachers Exchange J-1 Visa Accelerator program

You’re Getting:

The full course US Teachers Exchange J-1 Visa Accelerator program with a value of ₦350,000.

Bonus #1: The Hiring Schools Database with a value of ₦50,000.

Bonus #2: You will get a 50% discount of $150 (₦185,250) on your Academic Credentials Evaluation, a critical part of the application process.

Bonus #3: I will be giving you the Facts About America video that breaks down every aspect of the USA – taxes, cost of living, politics, weather, etc, so you use it as a guide to choose an area of the country where you will earn the highest while spending the lowest.

Bonus #4: You will get 1-Year Access to our exclusive members-only Teachers Exchange Program group chat on Telegram which gives you direct access to me 24/7.

And to cap it all off, if you order in the next 30 minutes, you will get as a special bonus, a training that shows you how to convert your J-1 Visa to a H1 visa which allows you to stay in the USA indefinitely, and your children too, and your children’s children and on and on

The Entire Package is Worth a Total of ₦610,250!

But enrollment is just

ONLY ₦60,000!

Now You Have Only
Two Options Open To You.

OPTION 1: You can either do nothing and continue living your life in Nigeria and struggling with 29% inflation, rising food prices, fuel scarcity, no electricity and an illegal Government that only seeks to make your life harder while making their own softer

Or you can go with

Option 2 Which is The Only Reasonable Option Right Now

Enroll in the USA Teachers Exchange Accelerator training program today and give yourself and your family a new life, a new dream, and a new destination.

To get started, all you need to do is click on the link below, enroll in the training and start watching the videos.

Here’s Another Reason To Be Quick About This…

It is very likely that the Joe Biden Government in the USA who have promoted this program heavily in the last four years might lose the US elections which will be held next year.

And if they lose, Donald Trump will win.

If Donald Trump and his Republican party win, they might shut down this program and opportunity because their entire campaign is built around stopping people from entering the US.

In fact, as you already know, he stopped people from coming in during his first term.

This is why you must apply NOW.

Because as long as you have applied, even if Trump wins, you will still get in. Those who have applied will still be eligible.

But if you waste time and wait till later, this chance might be gone before you make up your mind.

Are you willing to take that chance?

Another reason why this opportunity might go away is that no one is really sure when it will end.

Let’s say Joe Biden manages to defeat Donald Trump and wins again next year, they might still put some restrictions.

For example, this year, the US Govt stopped Filipinos, that is people from the Philippines from accessing this same program.

Also, do you remember when the USA had a Diversity Visa Lottery program?

In 2008, they suddenly announced that Nigerians were no longer allowed to participate.

They could stop Nigerians from this one the same way too.

I suspect that once they fill in the quota for the number of teachers needed, they will close down the program, 

as they are not just taking teachers from Nigeria, they are taking from all English speaking countries of the world – India, Philippines, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, etc.

Right now though the opportunity is still wide open for you to participate.

The earlier you get in the better, because it could end anytime, and only those who already applied would be considered.

And there’s no better place or training to show you how to get in than the US Teachers’ Exchange Accelerator training program.

This Opportunity is Brand New. It is Guaranteed. It is Proven. And It Works… Without a Doubt

Nobody else anywhere in this country has this system.

I just released it and it is going to blow your mind away because of how amazing it is.

I have spent millions of naira in time and money putting this system together, I learned the ways it won’t work, so you don’t have to and I’m now letting you have it on a platter.

Click the link below to enroll, register your account and get started on your way to America.

Now I want you to take a moment and think about why you are here.

What made you come here to watch this? I want you to think about that.

Why did you come here?

There’s one thing in life that I’ve learned in general, that if you know exactly what you want down to the smallest detail, if you can see it, hear it, envision it, it becomes real.

Click the link below and or type in the link on the screen directly to enroll in the training program.

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