There's An Invisible Vagina Bacteria Stopping Women From Getting Pregnant!

14 Million Nigerian Women Between 15yrs to 44yrs Are Infected… [Source: U.S National Library of Medicine]

In 95% of Cases, this Dangerous Infection Shows No Serious Symptoms While Destroying Female Fertility…

Inside: We Have A Simple Test to Find Out if you’re Already infected… And what you can do to Stop This Silent Killer Before it Causes Permanent Damage!

Dear Friend,

Scientists aren’t sure what causes this deadly infection…

But according to a 2013/14 reproductive health study by Scientists in Aarhus University…

This “Invisible” Infection was shown to be a regular Cause of…

Miscarriages... Premature Deliveries... Still-Births...
And Inability to Conceive

Only 9% of women infected are lucky enough to get pregnant   

And It’s called the invisible infection because… even though it’s common. 

It can live in a woman’s body for months and years undetected. 

The symptoms hardly ever show up and…

Most Infected Women Don’t 
Even know They Have it

According to a study carried out by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC)…  

Expectant mothers already infected are six times more likely to suffer a miscarriage, and twice as likely to give birth prematurely. 

And if you haven’t ever gotten pregnant and you have it…

It affects your chances of becoming pregnant in the first place.

So what’s the Name of this Invisible Infection?  

It’s called Bacterial Vaginosis (“BV”).

And although, no one knows for sure what the primary cause is… 

Bacterial Vaginosis is mostly found in women who have (Unknown to Them) …

A High Presence Of Bad Bacteria in Their Vagina

Naturally, there’s good and bad bacteria in the vagina.

And as long as the Good bacteria outnumbers the bad bacteria.

You have nothing to fear or worry about.

But the problem begins when there’s more bad bacteria and… 

Not enough good bacteria in The Vagina.

This is how women come to have Bacterial Vaginosis
without even knowing it.

And it gets even worse.

Bacterial Vaginosis, if left untreated….

Opens you up to even more deadly infections…

Like Chlamydia… which, again… if left untreated…

Spreads into the Fallopian Tubes, And
Blocks The Tubes at Both Ends...

Making it Almost Impossible for a Woman to Get Pregnant!  

This is another complication that frustrates women who are trying to get pregnant or give birth .

This can lead to infertility.   And there are further complications that arise from Bacterial Vaginosis:   

Like infected women suddenly developing Pelvic inflammatory disease… which, according to Harvard Health Education….  

Reduces Chances of Childbirth by 50%! 

All of these complications…  

Just because a woman is unknowingly infected with Bacterial Vaginosis.  

Most women infected do not experience any symptoms

But for the few who do, they experience things like…

Foul smelling watery vaginal discharge
(White, gray or green in color)

So if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is possible you’re infected with Bacterial Vaginosis.  

But don’t self-diagnose, and start taking just any medication.

Start by doing…

A Simple Test!

Visit a Good lab nearby.  

You’ll be checked thoroughly and once your result is ready, you’ll know whether or not you’re infected.

If you’ve already done a test in the last 6-months for infections… and you were given antibiotics or you took some supplements… and you still don’t feel better, your question right now would be:

How I Get This Thing... Out of my System?

Normally, for infections like these…

Doctors always recommend Antibiotics.

But over time, as more and more patients came back complaining that they didn’t feel better.

Doctors conducted further tests and here’s what they found:

Antibiotics end up killing both the good and bad bacteria… leaving an even worse bacterial imbalance that could lead to…

Further Complications...

So after taking the antibiotics, the bad bacteria in the vagina still outnumbers the good bacteria.

Not good. 

So Scientists came up with a lasting solution to this problem


Vaginal Probiotics are live microorganisms that destroy disease-causing cells and infections in the Vagina.

They work with your immune system to produce vitamins with great health benefits like. . .

Although people often think of bacteria and other microorganisms as harmful “germs,” several scientific studies have confirmed that:   

The good bacteria from Plant-based Nutrients in probiotics are the same as…

Harmless Bacteria that naturally live in our Bodies
and which Keep us Strong and Healthy


If a probiotic is going to be marketed as a drug for treatment of a ailment or health disorder. . .

It has to meet strict requirements. 

It must be proven safe and effective for its intended use through clinical trials and be approved by the FDA before it can be sold. 

Sadly, 99% of Probiotics being sold online and in Pharmacies aren’t FDA approved  Meaning you don’t know for sure if they’ll work. 

But don’t let that bother you.

There’s an FDA-approved Vaginal Probiotic that works superbly well. . .  not just to free you from Bacterial Vaginosis.

But to help you enjoy the joys of childbirth, carrying your own child in your arms, listening to them breathe…

Here it Is:
FDA & NAFDAC Approved Solution
for Bacterial Vaginosis:
The Original VAGINNE Intimate CareGel:

Manufactured by a Malaysian Health and Nutrition Company, Immeri Nature, Vaginne is FDA certified. 

It is also approved by NAFDAC.

Vaginne has a combination of herbs and natural ingredients that effectively free you from Bacterial Vaginosis

And it does this by balancing the microbes in your vagina that is, it promotes the growth of good, friendly bacteria… while reducing bad bacteria  

But that’s not all. 

Vaginne also…

Helps Women Conceive and Get Pregnant Naturally!

It does this by producing the “egg white” (fertile cervical mucus) that helps the sperm move to where it needs to be. 

These are the plant-based natural ingredients that make Vaginne work so well…

Vaginne also...

Daily hygiene care with Vaginne is also a good way to keep you fresh and confident all day.

Now, where can you buy the original Vaginne?

Well, given the abundance of cheap lookalikes in the market, it helps to buy it directly from the Company.

This way, you can be sure you’re getting the original thing that works. 

We’re a registered health and nutrition business that helps Immeri (the company that manufactures Vaginne) distribute their Vaginne products in Nigeria and Ghana and we can send you a ox or two to try…

At Our Own Risk!

If you’re dealing with infections alone, one box will be enough to clear your Bacterial Vaginosis and kill any other infections you may be experiencing as a result of your BV.  

But if your goal is to get pregnant anytime soon… you’ll need to use at least 2 boxes.

Here's How To Use Vaginne

Each box of Vaginne has six plastic sticks, with the gel inside.  

You can use a stick for one week.  This means if you use it every day, one box will last you 6 weeks or exactly 42 days.

Using a new stick for a new week ensures a thorough cleansing of your Vagina.

At the end of this time, you no longer have to worry about the implications of Bacterial Vaginosis and any other complications that could affect your ability to conceive or give birth.

Because… it would be COMPLETELY GONE!

To apply it, here’s what you do…

Step One: Open the sachet, and inside you’ll see a plastic stick containing the Vaginne gel.

The looks like a syringe but without a needle. 

Step TwoPosition yourself by lying in bed.

Step ThreeInsert the stick into the vagina at least 3cm from the vulva, then push the gel inside and let the gel stay for a minute or two before you put your underwear back on.

That is all.

Remember you can use one stick more than once. 

Up to a week.  

The sticks have been thoroughly sterilized and since you’re not sharing it with anyone… you have nothing to worry about.   

And oh, if you’re still a virgin, you can use it as well, without any issues.

Just apply the gel on the surface of the vagina once a day.

It will get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis and any infections in your Vagina.

Scared of Inserting Something Into Your Vagina?

You have every reason to be. After all, as a woman, that’s the most sensitive part of your body.

And one has to be careful what goes in there. 

Especially when there are so many products and treatments that end up making things worse than they were initially.

But the Good News is….

The Original Vaginne stick you insert in your Vagina has been sterilized for safe insertion. 

You only push it as far as 3cm of your Vagina.

That’s enough for the Vaginne Gel (made of 100% Natural ingredients and Probiotics ) to circulate around the walls of your Vagina… 

Fight off the bad bacteria causing all those symptoms and complications…  

And release the Probiotics that enhance the population growth of good bacteria in your Vagina.

This happens with zero complications. 

You don’t even notice any discomfort.

And this is…

Exactly Why The FDA Approved The Original Vaginne Gel
As a Safe, Lasting Solution for Bacterial Vaginosis!

So you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

All you need to to do is look forward to all your problems vanishing once you begin to use original Vaginne.

And it’s easy to get it to your doorstps

See and Hear What Other women Just Like You
Are Saying About Vaginne

Nigerian Woman Talks About Using Vaginne

Another Woman Testifying How Vaginne Helped Her with Fibroids

Ghana Women Singing the Praises of Vaginne

How Much Does VAGINNE Cost?

That’s the other surprising thing about Vaginne.

It’s very affordable. 

A box of the Original Vaginne Gel contains 6 sticks.

Which you should use for 6 days.

Each stick costs costs 5,000   

So a box should sell for 30,000 (5,000 x 6 sticks = 30,000).

But the company is offering each box for a discounted price of 20,000.

That’s a whopping savings of ₦10,000 or 33% discount. 

If your goal is free yourself from Bacterial Vaginosis and any other infections you may be battling with, one box of the Original Vaginne Gel will be enough.

Just one, and you never have to buy another one again, unless you want to. 

All it will cost you for a box of six (6) sticks is 25,000.

Here's How to Order for VAGINNE

To order Vaginne is simple.

Just click the button below that says, “Send Me My Vaginne“. 

It will take you to the order page, and there you can select how many boxes you want, from 1, 2 or even 3 boxes.

But If You Want to Get Pregnant Soon...

You should use at least 2 boxes.

And although 2 boxes should cost you ₦60,000, we will give you a discount on it.

If you get two boxes instead of one, we will give you both for 35,000 only.

A whooping 41% discount.

If you want to go all out and get more boxes of Vaginne, we will give you…

An Even Better, More Delicious Discount

Buying 3 boxes of Vaginne normally will cost you the full price of ₦90,000.

But if you purchase from us today, you will pay just ₦45,000.

Yes, that’s a full 50% discount!

Isn’t that a great deal?

I bet you agree it is.

You Can Pay Online Outright... Or
Choose the "Pay On Delivery" Option

If you choose the “Pay On Delivery” option, when your order arrives, you can then make payment.

It takes a maximum of two-3 days to arrive, and it comes in an unmarked package that does not reveal the content inside, so your privacy is assured.


If after 30-days of using Vaginne, you don’t feel any better…

We want you to complain
(Using the phone number on this page)

We want you to ask for a refund.

Sound fair?

So if you’re tired of battling with infections and symptoms that never seem to go away.

And you’d like to enjoy the joy of taking in and giving birth without complications…  

You’re going to love what The Original Vaginne Gel does for you. 

A few weeks after using Vaginne, you’ll be glad you ordered it today.   

Thank you for your time. 

P.S: If you have any Questions, please call the number below. 

Otherwise, just place your order.

Fill the form (with your correct address and phone number).

And you’ll hear from us once we confirm your order 

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