Jos Woman with Leg and Feet Problems Goes from Bedridden to Walking Her Dog Daily

May 10, 2023 at 9:17am-5mins read

John Chibuike

The first time Mary Panzai of Jos, Plateau State saw a varicose vein on her legs was when she was 28 years old.

It was right there, behind her knee.

Panicking she went to the doctor who assured her it was nothing and prescribed a drug she took.

The veins remained there.

Not only that, as the months and years went by, more veins appeared,

Some red, some blue, some green.

And they appeared not only on her legs, but also on her hands.

She went back to the hospitals where doctor after doctor prescribed one prescription drug after another, or some therapy.

One prescribed electrical stimulation.

Another one recommended surgery.

But after all these treatments and hundreds of thousands spent – her legs and feet actually felt worse.

She cried but crying did not change anything.

She turned down invites to pool parties.

If she ever went to the beach she would wear trousers to hide her legs.

She would never wear shorts, no matter how much she liked them.

Everyday she had to go out, she would cover herself like an old lady because she felt ashamed and self-conscious.

If this sounds familiar, I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Because Mary saved the day.

You see, Mary was fed up with suffering, so she took matters into her own hands.

Tired of all the solutions that were not working, she decided to find a solution herself.

One day she stumbled on a herbal supplement.

It was called VeinFlow.

She took them, and within just days, her leg and foot problems began to disappear. Her veins began to straighten out, within a couple months the discolourations were gone.

Now she walks almost everywhere around her house in her shorts (which she couldn’t do before), she is always working out at the gym and regularly plays tennis with friends.

“If I kept listening to my doctors, I’d be bedridden today. I’d be in a wheelchair or in a nursing home. I am so thankful for these remarkable herbs.”

Leg and foot problems could have been almost like a death sentence for Mary – and a shame for her suffering family, because one thing she did not know was this… those veins that looked like that could have gotten worse.

You see, varicose and spider veins are like a wildfire.

They start with a small flame, but then quickly turn into a raging fire in your feet and hands that never stops – pain, itches, heat.

Like someone poured some fuel inside your body parts and set it on fire.

Left alone or treated in a way that doesn’t work, for some people it leads to them having a limb amputated. Worse, it can lead to a deadly condition known as Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Dr. Nnenna Ezeigwe, who works with the Federal Ministry of Health warns that:

“Deep Vein Thrombosis is responsible for the death of over 2 million Nigerians every year.”

It is a terrible way to live out what should be the best years of your life.

You certainly do not want to be in that number.

“I had so much pain from burning nerves in my feet! could barely move…but this makes it calm down so I can walk and sleep. I really love this stuff. Other pills didn’t work. It stops the nerves from hurting so bad. It is amazing. Vein flow lets me move and sleep pain-free. It is wonderful”

– Cajethan Meemba, Lagos

If you have twisted veins, spider veins, varicose veins or any of your legs, feet and ankles is riddled with twisted blood vessels that bulge just under your skin’s surface in red, blue or purple. . .

If this causes you pain or is itchy. . .

If you’re worried about the weblike veins on your arms. . .

The twisted veins on your thigh . .

Or the tingling pain in your legs. . .

If you’re tired of the leg heaviness, leg cramps and leg swellings. . .

These are signs that your veins no longer function as they should. Your veins have weakened.

They can no longer carry enough blood, nutrients and oxygen down to your legs and feet.

This then damages your nerves and causes your burning, tingling and numbness.

Now you can;

✤ Watch those ugly-looking veins in your legs, hands, and thighs repair and fade away.

✤ Get a good night’s sleep – peaceful, restful sleep – with no pain, tingling, zinging, itching or zapping.

✤ Improve your balance and coordination.

✤ No side effects – safe to take with other medications. Enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies again.

✤ Be more active, have more fun, enjoy life more.

✤ Don’t risk irreversible damage to your feet and hands.

✤ Don’t get worse and wind up in the hospital or god forbid a casket.

Today, you have within reach, a combination of 7 natural herbs that millions of people in China have used to get relief from leg and foot problems for over 3,000 years.

In fact, this solution is guaranteed to relieve your problems, straighten out your veins and provide soothing comfort – or you pay nothing.

It is called VeinFlow.

The 7 herbs in VeinFlow strengthen your veins to effectively carry blood, nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body, especially your hands and legs.

It improves your circulation so oxygenated blood goes to the nerves and repairs them. This makes your nerves grow stronger so your pain fades away and your legs and feet feel much younger again.

Until recently, scientists could not combine all these herbs into one pill without losing their full potency, but finally, they have succeeded.

Dr. Ryan Shelton, M.D. who works in the USA, says “This is new and different. It works for people who’ve tried many other things before. It is natural with no side effects. Don’t give up hope for your leg and feet pain, burning, tingling and numbing. This pill is working for countless people after other treatments have failed them:

Over 30,000 bottles sold already

From word-of-mouth, over 30,000 doses of this Chinese bottled have already been sold in Nigeria.

Instead of letting their doctors control their health with no real relief, people are taking this natural approach.

They are staying active and independent as they age – and creating a bright future they are excited about, instead of fearing. Now you too can enjoy your best years yet.

The ingredients in VeinFlow get this crucial blood flowing to your legs and feet like a fast-running river stream so they can feel better fast. Want proof?

To show how important oxygenated blood flow is, hold your breath.

Hold it too long and you’ll pass out. This is what’s happening to your feet and legs now — they are

Chinese herbs provide fast relief from tingling, burning and numbness.

They do this by improving the ..flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to your legs and feet to repair damaged nerves not getting the oxygenated blood flow they need to feel healthy.

What Customers Have
To Say about VeinFlow

My varicose veins were awful! a friend suggested taking this supplement and it has taken a lot of pain away! I ran out of pills and the pain came right back but as soon as I got more, I experience relief. For me personally, It takes all the pain away and makes life easier. 😀

Anything I have ever used has never really worked. I don!t know how but you did the job!!!! I am seeing results and liking it.

I’ve struggled with poor circulation my whole life, and this has helped tremendously! I take many supplements, but this does more good than any, ever. No more numbness in my legs, my mind is more clear, and even my digestion has improved. Oddly, my legs don’t really tan. Soon after taking this, along with iron, I got more color in my legs. I will take this for the rest of my life

Got these for my mother after her complaining her legs feel heavy and hurts all the time. She is using it now for a month and she said she has no leg discomfort any more and the varicose veins are clearing! Will order for her again!

All the women in my family do get these horrible spider veins, and I'm starting to get them too, and these kinda keep the wolf away from the door... The veins seem to look worse if I don't use this product. I've tried it both ways.

It’s Your Turn!

Try VeinFlow RISK-FREE.

Guaranteed to Work Or you Pay Nothing

VeinFlow is GUARANTEED to work great for you – or you PAY NOTHING with a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

It is NOT sold in stores or online. No prescription or doctor visit is required. And you can get it at 50% OFF FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS.

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