No More Sleepless Nights!

Can’t fall asleep? Not staying asleep? Waking too early? Never Again!

Hi, my name is Tony Kaza and the story you’re about to read will SHOCK you.

On the 13th of June last year, around 11:30 PM if I remember correctly, I felt a little click in my brain one day, and everything went Poof.

After six years of insane amounts of stress and ignoring my body, it finally caught up with me and basically broke my nervous system, putting it into a fixed state of “fight or flight”.

In that one instant, I lost my ability to physically fall asleep from that point forward.

And when I say I lost my ability to sleep, I’m not talking about difficulty, or even chronic insomnia.

I’m talking about a physical inability to actually sleep no matter how tired I got.

In fact, I went five straight days and nights without sleeping for a single minute

no matter how many supplements or over the counter sleep medications I tried.

To say I was terrified is an understatement, I was literally crying, praying, begging God to please let me get even if it’s 5 minutes of sleep.

But nothing changed.
Every night, I’d be staring into the ceiling, while my beautiful wife slept.

It’s not like she didn't care about me. She did.

She’d stay awake with me, despite my asking her to go to bed herself.

Eventually nature would take it’s course and she’d succumb to her own sleep.

Meanwhile I would be there. Looking lost. Angry. Afraid. Lonely.

There was nothing I did not try.

◉ Valium-5

◉ Herbs

◉ Meditation (as seen on google search)

I even installed a sleep app on my phone.

Nothing worked.

I can remember lying on my sofa 5 days in, and realising that…

If I Couldn’t Figure This Out In the Next 2-3 Days, I’d Be Dead.

Did you know Government spy agencies like the CIA use sleep deprivation as a form of torture?

This is because the human body can only go 7-10 days without sleep before dying.

And I got to that point.

It was terrible.

Imagine how you’ve felt when you haven’t had any sleep in 24 hours.

Now imagine if that continued for a second day, and then a 3rd, and then a 4th, and a 5th…

All without a single minute of sleep!

I can tell you that the fear and frustration is maddening and incomprehensible.

So I went to my family doctor who put me on a few medications like Xanax and Ambien which allowed me to get about 1-2 hours of “blackout” sleep a night, but I’d be up again as soon as they wore off

And It Wasn’t Real, Restorative Sleep

The drugs would allow my brain to turn off for 1-2 hours, but my body and nervous system were still firing away as if I was running away from a lion 24/7.

By the second month, I was scared to death that things hadn’t gotten any better.

I spoke to doctor after doctor, and none of them had ever seen anything like what I was experiencing.

I searched YouTube and Google for days, and once again, I couldn’t find any answers or stories from others, which made things even worse because I felt completely alone and helpless.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before” from five different doctors isn’t something you ever want to hear.

I was afraid that I had incurred some kind of brain injury that was going to make it impossible for me to ever sleep again.

Depression and the first thoughts of suicide I’d ever had started to creep in.

If the problem continued, I had to come to terms with the fact that I’d probably end up disappearing from the world, and living with my parents, unable to function in any kind of normal capacity.

And then die.


One Day A Friend Who Lived In China Called Me Out of the Blue.

I had not spoken to this guy in over 7 years.

Okey (that’s his name), we went to the same Secondary school, then I went on to University, while he went to learn a trade.

He moved to Indonesia for some years, then China, and made a bunch of money importing different products.

He was excited to reconnect with me again and as we spoke, he noticed my strained voice and asked me if anything was the matter.

Frankly, I didn’t want to tell him anything.

I am a very private person, and like to keep my private business private, unless I am speaking to professionals.

But at that moment, I was like, “What does it really matter if he knows?”

I Can’t Sleep, Okey. I Haven’t Been Able to Sleep For the Last 2 Months and Counting…

Okey was sorry and told me he had been in that same situation a few months after he arrived in China.

For nearly a month, he couldn’t sleep. And nothing he tried worked.

Then his Chinese girlfriend told him her grandfather was a healer back in their little Chinese village of Baisha, who could help him with his sleeplessness.

Baisha is a tiny one-street village in the Himalayan foothills of Yunnan Province. (you can Google the name)

So off they went that weekend to see her Grandfather.

"Do you have insomnia?" he asked when they met and his granddaughter translated.
Okey: "Yes, actually I do. That's why I came in."

His girlfriend’s grandfather said, "Many doctors will give you pills for insomnia.

I will give you something with no side effects — a blend of herbs. It’s like gum. You pop it into your mouth, two a day.

Do you take alcohol and no cigarettes, yes?"

Okey: No.

Grandfather: "good, no cigarettes, no alcohol. Be careful of what you put in your mouth, yes?" as he patted him on the hand and bowed.

“I’ll Send You A Bottle Of This Stuff, Okey Said. Use It. It Will Help.”

About a week later, the bottle arrived.

It was in a clear plastic bag. And inside was a signed and dated piece of paper, marked with a red-ink stamp before putting one in each bag.

Okey confirmed it was for customs," he explained. "So they know it is medicine."

I started taking it immediately.

I was desperate for a solution.

Opening My Mouth was My Miracle

That bottle did wonders.

I started getting a few minutes of sleep the first couple of days.

In about one week, the horrific brain fog and memory loss started to disappear

Then it got even better as I used more of it.

In about a month of consistent use, I could sleep 3-4 hours.

After about 3 months (of course I ordered more), I had gotten back to my natural sleep state.

I was able to work my way off the pharmaceuticals, and replace them with a combination of supplements and CBD products that have allowed me to get around 3-4 hours of light sleep per night.

There are no side effects, no complications, nothing.

Just pure freedom.

My family doctor was amazed, but just to make sure, he made me do a brain MRI scan to make sure there wasn’t anything serious such as a brain tumour that was behind all of this.

The product is so good and knowing how many people suffer from sleep-related problems.

I Decided to Start Importing and Selling a Branded Version of this Exact Sleep Blend in Nigeria!

Because, it turns out the herbs and blend were actually quite common to that part of China.

And popular too!

In fact, so popular, many Chinese manufacturing companies now blend it together and sell it all around the world.

In fact, Okey had sent me the first bottle from a manufacturer he knew.

My reasons is if it helped Okey, and it helped me, imagine the many other people it could help if we showed it to them.

Now teaming up together…

We have gotten the rights to distribute that own version of this sleep herbal blend into the country.

I am doing this because I experienced it’s miracle and I want you to experience it too!

If you’d like to know what it is… let me introduce you to

Sleep Restore - The First True Restorative Sleep Disorder Blend that Actually Works!

It’s the unique blend of natural Asian herbs that help solve the following sleep problems:

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Restless leg syndrome.
  • REM sleep behaviour disorder
  • Even parasomnias

It’s in gummy format.

This means you can very easily chew it, and it’s tasty too.

Here’s The Herbs That Do the Magic Inside Sleep Restore

SleepRESTORE contains three main herbs that combined together create a rapid effect on soothing sleep disorders and problems.

They are:

Valerian root - It is a tall, flowering grassland plant which works to reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and help with improving sleep quality, and spend more time in a deep sleep. It is also used for anxiety and stress.

Passion flower- This is a climbing vine with white and purple flowers. The natural chemicals in passion flower have calming effects. It is still used today to treat anxiety and insomnia. 

Scientists believe passion flower works by increasing levels of a chemical called gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA lowers the activity of some brain cells, making you feel more relaxed

Lemon Balm leaf - Several studies show that lemon balm combined with other calming herbs (such as valerian, hops, and chamomile) helps to soothe symptoms of anxiety, stress, relieves restlessness and promotes sleep. It also helps elicit calm, slowed breathing.

They are then supercharged with Melatonin, Theanine, GABA, Magnesium, Sodium and Vitamin B-6 to make it even more powerful.

Here’s The Herbs That Do the Magic
Inside Sleep Restore

◉ Works fast… starts working from the very first night.

◉ Works all night… you’ll sleep soundly until morning.

◉ 100% natural… it is actually good for you.

◉ Researched ingredients… use it with confidence.

◉ Non-habit forming… You can take it every night, and still stop ANYTIME you want.

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Give SleepRESTORE a try. You risk nothing, not even a kobo.

You must experience deep, sound sleep, right from the start, or you will receive a FULL REFUND.

At any time, for any reason, you can return SleepRESTORE - even if the bottle is empty - and get all of your money back.

Of course, you may keep the two bonus reports you received as our gift to you.

That’s how sure I am SleepRESTORE will give you blissful restorative sleep.


Money Back Guarantee

Sincerely yours,

Tony Kaza

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